2022 FORUM

The question of how the U.S. and China coexist and compete in the decades ahead will be the defining foreign policy issue of the twenty-first century. As disputes over trade, security, technology and ideology intensify, we face the task of simultaneously managing the competition, protecting national security, and preserving the possibility of cooperation on common problems like climate change. Finding solutions and preventing the outbreak of all-out hostilities is a complex challenge that will require all the wisdom, innovation and skillful planning American society can muster.

The UC San Diego Forum on U.S.-China Relations (“China Forum” in short) is the first ongoing high-level forum focused entirely on the U.S.-China relationship. It takes advantage of UC San Diego’s location on the Pacific and the depth of China expertise at the 21st Century China Center at the School of Global Policy and Strategy.

The 2022 China Forum involved an in-depth multi-day examination of various facets of the bilateral relationship with fifty or so American leaders from government, business, academia, think tanks, journalism and the military. Questions considered for exploration at the 2022 forum included:

  • What are some of the salient features of the emerging world order that will shape U.S.-China relations?
  • How should we understand China's “no-limits” friendship with Russia?
  • What should the U.S. strategy be toward China in light of the China-Russia alignment?
  • Should the U.S. abandon its long-time policy of strategic ambiguity vis-à-vis Taiwan?
  • What does Xi’s third term mean for China’s longer-term political stability?
  • What is the domestic basis of support for the CCP in China?
  • How should the U.S. respond to China’s statist economic model in an open global economy?
  • Finally, is the U.S. self-strengthening in science, technology, and economy succeeding? How can the U.S. prevent anti-Asian prejudice and sustain its China policy in the face of fractious domestic politics?

The 2022 China Forum was chaired by Susan Shirk, Stephen Hadley and Charlene Barshefsky. Participation in the forum was by invitation only. Chatham House Rule was applied throughout the forum, except for the public lecture, to ensure candid discussion.

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